What do I need to run it ?


BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Personal or multimedia computer using a Pentium  or higher processor, or a Digital Alpha processor
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Microsoft Window 95 or later, Microsoft Windows NT4.0 or later
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) 16MB of memory for Windows 95, 32MB for  Windows NT or higher (64 MB or higher  recommended)
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) 10MB hard disk space (not including tutorials)
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Super VGA (800x600) or higher with true color mode (1024x768 True color or higher recommended)
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) TWAIN compatible scanners or digital cameras
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Wintab compatible tablet for full pressure support (Wacom tablets recommended) or Windows compatible tablet for basic mouse support.


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