Canvas FX

CanvasFX is a KSync compatible filter system for InSync's SpeedRazor Non-linear editing software. Download Trial Now


CanvasFX is the world's first plug-in program suite to offer comprehensive design tools for editing, creation and freeware distribution of custom object-based filter effects for video, HDTV and Film. Standard filters supplied with CanvasFX include the fastest blur and Alpha blur effects available on any platform. These and other effects are installed as separate Canvas (.cvs) files and have been created using Satori FilmFX/FilmFX64, the award winning resolution independent paint compositing and graphics software for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Alpha NT.

With CanvasFX, you can select from over 40+ high quality constant effects and qualify for free access to the downloadable filter library. In one simple step add super-fast blurs, "broadcast style" 3D title bars, soft Alpha glows or apply advanced painterly effects such as oil, impressionist or pencil sketch. You can combine these within SR to produce more complex effects or for access to a virtually unlimited range of paint and 2D graphics effects, register for the CanvasFX and Satori FilmFX bundle. Call or email [email protected] for more information.

All operations in Satori can now be directly applied to any source in SR by using Satori Canvas (.cvs) files and the CanvasFX plug-in. In addition to effects, it is also  possible for Satori users to produce custom templates, including videosafe, test patterns, layout grids and complete powerful operations such as file, picture aspect and standards conversion. Registered users will be invited to contribute to the free downloadable filter library hosted by the Satori web site

You can download and use the shareware CanvasFX (*Intel version only) free for up to 5 separate days. If after your 5 day evaluation period you would like to continue to use CanvasFX then you must register and pay the license fee of $149(�99). *Call for details on availability of Alpha NT


Version 1 features:


BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Time-based control - change effect opacity over time
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Superfast rendering - render time of **<4 seconds per frame for blur
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Low cost access to Satori software-CanvasFX/Satori FilmFX bundle
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Free filter downloads – library to include freeware user filters
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Highest quality output - sub-pixel rendering
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Access fast high quality effects in SR using one simple step
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Free use for up to 5 days - Only $149 (�99) registration fee
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Custom filter editing - edit, create and optionally distribute filters
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Video, HDTV &/or Film format -Object-based filters are freely scaleable
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) k:sync compatible - CanvasFX plug-in and filters are k:sync approved


Filters supplied with Canvas FX Include:

BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Painterly effects
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Blur / Radial blur
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Pencil sketch
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Chromablur
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Sharpen (unsharp mask filter)
BlueBullet.gif (494 bytes) Alpha Channel effects - Soft Alpha glows


**Using Pentium 200MMX configured with DPS hardware and 64MB.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Satori is a registered trademark of Spaceward Graphics Ltd.   All other brand names, product names, or trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CanvasFX is a trademark of Spaceward Graphics Ltd