About Satori


Satori 2D graphics and design software, combines photographic quality with real-time performance for unparalleled productivity, creativity and quality of output.

First to combine vector and editable object-based bitmap image processing in a single environment, Satori offers a comprehensive range of freely scaleable object-based 2D design tools including natural media brush drawing, illustration, photo-retouching, 2D graphics, web-graphics HTML formatting, compositing, color correction, image processing (batch processing and macro), special effects, rotoscoping, onion skinning and interactive masking.

A diagram has been produced to illustrate Satori (non-destructive) workflow vs Pixel-editing, this is available by request or can be obtained by visiting the Satori website.  Satori tools may look and feel familiar but amazingly all operations are freely editable ‘floating’ vector objects.

See the latest graphics user interface for version 3.