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  • Here we can see the effect of zooming into a group of pixels within the image, with smooth brushing applied below the resolution threshold. Sub-pixel tools enable you smooth brushing and eliminate the ‘jaggies’ (aliasing) that plague conventional bitmap editors.


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  • Real-Time Performance
    Work at any resolution and any number of layers without compromising performance or having to invest in RAM. Natural high-quality brushes and painterly effects are the best available on any platform with ‘real-time’ response and feedback even with massive brushes.

Real-time brushing with interactive undo / redo - Even on brushes larger than 10,000 pixels in diameter.

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With our real-time slider undo, you can remove as much or as little of your brushing as you want by clicking 'Undo' or using the Ctrl-Z shortcut. This means that there is no need to loose unnecessary strokes, thereby increasing your productivity. This tool can also be used for saving real-time brush animations.

  • Powerful Object-Oriented Editing (non destructive editing) - Satori objects provide the ultimate in design flexibility. Freedom to re-edit effects applied to objects, layers, masks and alpha channels at any time. All objects remain ‘floating’ and are freely scaleable for true non-destructive editing and the best quality of output.

Editing - Change the attributes of any shape, image, path, brush, etc. at any time.

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Everything added to your image or animation sequence can be edited or removed at any time, even after reloading your project file. With full real-time previews editing existing object is as easy as the initial creation.The example shown is a Geometry object created using an outline, open spline shape.

  • Creative Compositing - Use any combination of layers, masks, alpha channels and objects for compositing images and effects. You can freely composite and/or substitute images of any size/aspect and batch process the results.


Real-time previews for intuitive control - You can view any compositing function or object (including filters) and interactively change its position, transparency, shadow/ glow parameters or shading/ image mapping, without the need for a low resolution preview window, giving you a true representation of the result before the change is made.

Here we can see the effect of zooming into a group of pixels within the image, with smooth brushing applied below the resolution threshold.
Sub-pixel tools enable you smooth brushing and eliminate the 'jaggies' (aliasing) that plague conventional bitmap editors.

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Satori's editing controls mean that editing any parameter of any object is as easy as clicking the mouse. You can select different operation modes to short cut the editing process by using either novice, intermediate and professional proficiency help. This enables you to learn the software very quickly, yet without sacrificing the speed of usage that you need from a professional Paint and Effects tool.

With the vector based brushing tools you can monitor your progress in a zoom window and on the main canvas simultaneously, meaning that you can see the result of your alterations without having to swap between views.

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  • Productivity - You can work in real-time irrespective of file size and number of images. Scan at maximum resolution and edit your files interactively for the ultimate in creative productivity. Fast auto-save provides complete object-based editable back-up of your work.
  • Unmatched Output Quality  - Satori is the only Windows NT program to work within a 64-bit color space at sub-pixel accuracy. Work in zoom views with sub-pixel detail and produce gradients, blends and opacity masks that are free from color banding. Use 64 bit color processing for the ultimate output quality.
  • GUI - Fast and simple to operate interface with familiar toolbars and icons. All design tools hosted by single compact floating palette. Shortcuts include many from other commonly used applications.
  • Paint - Natural responsive paintbrushes are freely editable and customisable. More than 1600 different painting style combinations including: airbrush, solid, chalk, watercolor, impressionist, smudge, oil, crayon, marker, pastel, lighten, darken, tint, shade, clone and external clone.
  • Layers - Infinite layers with alpha channels and optional user masks
  • Views - Work with multiple views in superfine sub-pixel detail or full frame at any resolution.
  • Objects Editing - Infinite objects can be freely edited at any time and feature vector transparency. Objects are self-contained and include: brushes, text, splines, polygons, fills, circle, ellipse, freehand, open and connected lines.
  • Layer and Object transformations - Free-form layer, image and object transformations include: move, scale, flip, invert, rotate, skew and distort.
  • CanvasFX - Store any combination of single or multi-layer effects and apply these in one step to a layer using objects and CanvasFX filters. More than a macro - CanvasFX filters are freely editable and scaleable. Make your own custom filters using CanvasFX.
  • Text - Freedom to scale and edit text objects at any time. Use True-Type fonts to create sharp text and masks at any size. Automatic single or multipledrop shadow
  • Fills and Magic Wand - Object-based Fills and Magic Wand. Create scaleable and editable fill objects based on underlying layers and images. Fill using any imported file or using effects.
  • Masking - Layer masks can be drawn in mask or unmask using any object. Create masks automatically using Chroma, luma and Magic Wand
  • Undo - Unique real-time interactive drawing undo for brushes. Infinite undo for all objects and operations.
  • Image Processing - Over 3000 image processing and drawing combinations. Infinite number when objects applied to objects and layers.
  • Darkroom tools - Professional darkroom tools include: lighten, darken, unsharp masking, clone, external clone and red eye removal
  • Layout tools - High quality sub-pixel positioned layout grids with optional safe area. Rulers are also provided.
  • Network flow - Satori multi-resolution RIR image format and Canvas files allow networked workgroups to electronically share source images. Produce design variations using compact Canvas files.
  • Animation / Actions - Rotoscope interactively frame-by-frame, batch process or record brush animations in real-time.
  • Filters - Standard filters includes lighten, darken, tint, emboss, color enhance, edge feathering, imported file mapping, shade, sharpen, drop shadow. Over 60+ sample CanvasFX filter effects supplied including editable magnify glass, plinths, bevels, borders and painterly effects. Infinite number of effects possible using CanvasFX filter.  Photoshop compatible third party filters are supported.
  • Printing and Scanning - High resolution and proof quality direct printing supported. TWAIN device support for scanners and digital cameras.
  • Graphics tablets - Satori drawing works best with compatible pressure sensitive graphics tablets. WinTab compatible tablets and pen eraser switch are supported.
  • File Support - A selection of over 40+ file formats supported including RIR, CVS, PNG, JPEG, TIF, TGA, PSD, Softimage PIC & Lightwave IFF. Some files supported 32 bit files supported with up to 64 bit per pixel.
  • License Manager - Floating license manager is available for large networks

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