For Immediate Release           
August 1999

Introducing SatoriPaintFX
for AdobePhotoshop

New 64-bit Vector Paint, 2D Graphics & Digital Imaging that works fast at any resolution, edits images "non-destructively" & allows changes at any time - right inside Photoshop! - Special Launch Promotion Offer only $149

Cambridge, England – August 13, 1999 - Spaceward announced today the immediate availability of Satori PaintFX, the world’s first real-time *64-bit Vector Paint, Effects and Filter plug-in suite for graphics professionals, designers, artists and animators working with Adobe Photoshop or *plug-in compatible software.

*PaintFX is designed for Photoshop plug-in compatible software. Approved applications include Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Painter. Satori FilmFX64 3.1x (or later) is required for 64-bit paint & graphics operations.

Satori PaintFX is a major Paint and 2D design upgrade for Photoshop and is first to deliver resolution independent Paint and Drawing tools for Photoshop 16-bit (or 8-bit) mode in real-time! No other plug-in or standalone software can match the natural response, feedback and superb "pixel-free" qualities of the real-time paint, drawing and natural brushing effects offered by Satori award-winning paint tools.

"With Satori PaintFX, Photoshop users are offered a gateway to a whole New World of integrated 2D vector graphics and bitmap imaging that works fast at any resolution, provides the freedom to make changes at any time and outputs the best possible results", said Mark Lister, Sales & Marketing Director, Spaceward. "PaintFX puts the most advanced 64-bit resolution independent graphics technology right inside Photoshop."

Satori PaintFX provides direct access to *Satori design software, the complete integrated 2D object-based design environment that includes painting, illustration, masking, 2D graphics design, layer compositing, "non-destructive" bitmap image editing, custom filter design and special effects. The PaintFX suite also includes separate plugins for applying custom filters (CanvasFX) and file import/export (Satori RIR) for the native Satori RIR file format.

*versions 3.1x or later

Powerful Painting and Drawing Tools

Photoshop users can paint and draw in real-time at any resolution even with 10,000+ pixel brushes! Select from a wide range of natural brush styles and make easy corrections using the unique progressive ‘slider-based undo’ feature.

Over 1600 different painting combinations are possible and include: airbrush, solid, chalk, watercolor, impressionist, smudge, oil, crayon, marker, pastel, lighten, darken, tint, shade, clone, external clone and new movie styles. A full range of drawing tools are also provided and include: splines, polygons, fills, circle, ellipse, freehand, open and connected lines and text. All brushing, drawing and shape object opacity and other parameters can be re-edited at any time.

64-bit Color Processing

For the first time, Photoshop users can work freely in 16-bit mode. Satori PaintFX is capable of processing all operations in *64-bit color space (16-bit per channel). Work in zoom views with amazing sub-pixel detail and produce superb gradients, blends and opacity masks that are free from color banding.

*Satori FilmFX64 3.1x (or later) is required

A selection of sample preset 16-bit enabled filters is supplied with the CanvasFX filter plugin and includes Blur, Contact sheet, Unsharp mask, Whirls and Alpha channel effects. All version of Satori software can be used to make 16-bit CanvasFX filter files.

Large File Editing

Photoshop users can finally "banish the hourglass" and work interactively even with large files. Satori allows you to work consistently fast at all times irrespective of resolution, image size and/or number of layers. At the heart of Satori is advanced pixel-free graphics technology that provides superb performance even with minimum system configurations. Large images are automatically converted in memory (Satori RIR bitmap format) by PaintFX for efficient processing by Satori software.

Satori outperforms all leading pixel-based drawing and image editing software but even more remarkable are the fully integrated vector and bitmap editing features that are unmatched by any other single package.

Object-Oriented Editing (Non destructive Editing)

All operations remain "floating" at all times even after saving and during bitmap image editing for the ultimate in design flexibility. Photoshop users can save an entire project in one document (Satori Canvas), allowing easy exchange with other users, simple re-editing and rasterizing at any new format and/or resolution.

Objects have vector transparency, are freely scaleable and can be individually selected for editing and applied to layer, mask and/or alpha channels. Many of the object fill and effect styles can be combined for applying shape objects with objects multiple effects in one step.

Real-time Previews and Multiple Views

With PaintFX and Satori, Photoshop users can now work using full resolution previews. You can select, edit and update object parameters and review the results in real-time directly in main or zoom views. Work Interactively in full screen at any resolution or using multiple zoom views. All open views are updated simultaneously while you work. Paint in one view and see the result instantly at a different zoom view.

PaintFX Feature Summary

Satori PaintFX is highly complimentary to Photoshop and provides many design, workflow and performance advantages including:

*Satori FilmFX. FilmFX64 & WebFX 2000 versions only.
*Working and outputting in 48/64-bit color requires Satori FilmFX64 3.1 (or later). 64-bit filters can be created with any Satori version and applied using CanvasFX plugin.
For more information and the complete list features for Satori Paint and design software
(PhotoXL, WebFX 2000 & FilmFX versions available), visit

Free Fully functional 64-bit Trial

A Free, 10-day download of Satori PaintFX 1.0 and Satori FilmFX 3.1 can be obtained by visiting

64-bit Launch Special Offer Promotion – Only $149 or less

To celebrate the launch of this new and remarkable 64-bit plugin, Spaceward are offering all Photoshop (and plug-in compatible software) users the opportunity to purchase the plugin with the FULL Satori 64-bit functionality worth over $800 for only $149 (or less subject to participating on-line Satori stores).

Order Satori WebFX 2000 and register the software before September 17th 1999 to claim a FREE *upgrade to Satori PaintFX 1.0 including high-end Satori FilmFX64 3.1 – worth over $800!
*electronic upgrade only

Contact [email protected] for price and availability of boxed upgrades and 500+ page advanced guides.

Pricing and Availability

Satori PaintFX 1.0 has an RRP of $49 (�29.95) and is supplied by electronic download unless ordered with Satori software. PaintFX 1.0 is supplied free to registered users of Satori FilmFX versions.

Satori software (3.1 or later) needs to be installed to enable the Paint and 2D graphics functionality of the PaintFX plug-in. See below for RRP’s for Satori software versions.

Satori WebFX 2000 RRP $199 (�125), Satori PhotoXL 3.0 - RRP $149 (�95), Satori FilmFX - RRP $475 (�295). All versions for Windows 95, Windows NT and Windows Alpha NT (Satori FilmFX & Satori FilmFX64 only). The range starts at an estimated street price of US $64 (�40). Purchase online, directly from Spaceward at +44 (0) 1954 261333 or at the Satori store and through traditional software distribution channels. A free, 10-day trial (Satori PaintFX 1.0 & Satori FilmFX64 3.1) can be downloaded from or For a list of Satori authorized resellers, call +44 (0) 1954 261333 or visit

System Requirements

Personal or multimedia computer using a Pentium or higher processor

Microsoft Window 98 or later, Microsoft Windows NT4.0, 64MB RAM recommended, 6MB hard disk space (not including tutorials), Super VGA (800x600) or higher with true color mode (1024x768 True color or higher recommended)


Spaceward is seeking to appoint more authorized Satori distributors and resellers. Interested parties are invited to call or email [email protected] for more information and details of Satori PaintFX and Satori software NFR evaluation packs.

About Satori

Satori 2D graphics and design software combines photographic quality with real-time performance for unparalleled productivity, creativity and quality of output. First to combine vector and editable object-based bitmap image processing in a single environment, Satori offers a comprehensive range of freely scaleable object-based 2D design tools including natural media brush drawing, illustration, photo-retouching, 2D graphics, compositing, color correction, image processing (batch processing and macro), special effects, rotoscoping, onion skinning and interactive masking.

About Spaceward Graphics Ltd.
Headquarters in Cambridge (UK), Spaceward is a leading independent British developer of painting, drawing, photo-composition, image editing and 2D graphics software for enhanced creativity and real-time interactivity. Satori the award-winning resolution independent graphics software products for Windows '95, Windows '98 & Windows NT are available to business, education, government and leisure customers Worldwide.

For more press information, contact Mark Lister or Lisa Porter at +44 (0) 1954 261333; fax +44 (0) 1638 731795; email [email protected]; or visit

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