July 1999 - Pre-Release Information

Satori PaintFX
for Adobe

Satori PaintFX is the world’s first real-time *64-bit Vector Paint, Effects and Filter plug-in suite for graphics professionals, designers, artists and animators working with Adobe Photoshop or *plug-in compatible software.

*PaintFX is designed for Photoshop plug-in compatible software. Approved applications include Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Painter. Satori FilmFX64 3.1x (or later) is required for 64-bit paint & graphics operations.

Satori PaintFX provides direct access to *Satori design software, the complete integrated 2D object-based design environment that includes painting, illustration, masking, 2D graphics design, layer compositing, "non-destructive" bitmap image editing, custom filter design and special effects. The PaintFX suite also includes separate plugins for applying custom filters (CanvasFX) and file import/export (Satori RIR) for the native Satori RIR file format.

*versions 3.1x or later

The Satori PaintFX plug-in suite comprises three seperate plugins:

BlueBulletTiny.gif (945 bytes) PaintFX (Satlink) Plug-in
Use this plug-in to directly access Satori paint tools within Photoshop (or compatible application) and seamlessly exchange images between Satori and Photoshop. You can optionally use any Satori stand-alone software (version 3.1x or later) to operate as a companion plug-in to Photoshop or plug-in compatible software..
BlueBulletTiny.gif (945 bytes) CanvasFX Filter Plug-in
Use this plug-in to apply custom 16-bit per channel (or 8-bit) filter effects in Photoshop. 10 filters are supplied as standard. Create new custom CanvasFX filter files or edit supplied samples using any Satori version
BlueBulletTiny.gif (945 bytes) RIR Plug-in
Use this plug-in to import and export Satori Resolution Independent Raster files (.RIR) files. Large image files can be edited interactively in Satori (any version) when stored using the RIR format.

Expected release - 31st August 1999

For more information about Satori plug-in email [email protected]

Satori is a registered trademark of Spaceward Graphics Ltd. All other brand names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.