A Guide to Using the Add-on Pack for Satori V3.0

All CanvasFX filters will be appended to your current filters list, simply select a new filter and apply it using a geometric shape, as before.

New canvas brushes will be added to your current brush list, they may overwrite existing files if files of the same name already exist. These new brushes can be used immediately by selecting one of the buttons with the title of the new definition displayed.

Brush examples displayed in the canvas opposite.

A new folder called Templates will also be added to your Satori installation. This folder contains layouts for canvas' loosely termed as macros. These can either be loaded as a canvas or applied to an image using the FX2/ CanvasFX command.

Lastly a 'Textures' folder has also been added to the Satori directory. To use these textures load them into the mask of the current layer, specified at the Load To Layer dialog. In the Load Parameters, specify 'Ignore incoming alpha data and make alpha by converting the color data to luma values' and make sure that 'Ignore aspect ratio' is checked. This will load the texture into the correct channel of Satori.