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Pictures by children aged 10 &11 at
Danesholme Junior School

Review by the-internet-eye Danesholme

'A Walk in the forest'
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By Gemma Smith & Gary Smith

'Child with doll'
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By Lisa Watson & Sarah Ironside

'Child with puppet'
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By Kerry-Anne Moffatt
& Stephanie Dunn

'Child with puppet'
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By Lauren Noakes

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By Scott Barrett & Jamie Burnett

'Portrait of a girl'
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By Callum Morrison & Aaron Brierley

'Portrait of Pierre Loti'
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By Stephen Floody
& David Wylie thumb

'Self portrait'
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By Thomas Woolmer
& Harry MacKinnon

'Still life'
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By Kieron O'Donovan
& Daniel Carmon

'The artillierists'
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By Alison Gaffney & Shona Thomson

'The football players'
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By Andrew Hoile & Stephen Kirwin

'The muse inspires the poet'
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By Jill Douglas & Debbie Drain

'The muse inspires the poet'
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By Tinisha Sansoy & Charlene Brown

'The sleeping gypsy'
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By Laura Strachan

'The Wedding'
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By Nicholas Hinch
& Alexander Brooks

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By Laura Burnett & Megan Hubbard

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By Callum Kirk & Craig MacDonald

18t.jpg (3746 bytes)
By Claire Noakes & Laura Strachan

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By Kerry Anne Moffat
& Stephanie Dunn

'Virgin forest'
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By Susan Askew

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By Sean Rowlatt & Lee Donativo

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