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PaintFX Pre-Download Checklist:

1. PaintFX 1.01 Download This trial download includes the full 3 plug-in suite but to have access to the paint and 2D graphics functionality inside Photoshop you need to also download, install and run Satori FilmFX64 3.10 (or above) software.
2. Windows ‘95 Support PaintFX 1.01 now supports Windows 95 as well at NT4.0 and Windows 98, but only for the PaintFX plugin itself (not CanvasFX or the RIR loader) new.jpg (999 bytes)
3. Add-on Pack More brush styles, movie brushes, CanvasFX filters and textures are contained in the add-on pack. If you want to experience the very latest Satori brush presets then it is recommended that you download and install this FREE update.

Satori FilmFX v3.20 Patch Update for Windows 95 / 98 new.jpg (999 bytes)

There is patch now available that rectifies the fault of Satori performing an illegal operation whilst processing large resolution Bitmaps in Windows 95/98. READ ME before downloading.

What is Trialware?

Satori trialware is time limited. That is to say that it will run for a set number of days before it stops working. Unlike most other software trials though, the Satori trialware counter does not count down unless you actually use it. For example, many software companies have a 30 day timeout, once installed, the software will stop working 30 days later. With Satori trialware, the counter only counts down when the software is used, so if you only use the software on one day during a week, only one day is taken off the counter.

What is Freeware?

Satori Freeware is fully functional free, unlimited software.